Capital Group

Capital Group

Capital Group is one of the oldest real estate development companies in Russia working on the market since 1993. The company specializes in comprehensive development projects.

The company’s portfolio includes 7.8 million square meters of completed projects as well as projects currently under construction or in the planning stages. Of this amount, 3.3 million square meters are currently in active stages of construction today.

Capital Group specializes in the construction of multifunctional facility centers, as well as residential and commercial real estate. In addition to its traditional premium and business segments, the company has been developing large-scale (over one million square meters) residential «comfort-class» projects since 2009.

Capital Group is a recognized leader in high-rise construction. In 2009, the company completed the construction of Russia’s first skyscraper, «the City of Capitals MAYBE “Capital City”» in Moscow City. In January 2016, the company completed the second skyscraper in Moscow City, the OKO Tower.

In late 2016, Capital Group commenced construction on two large-scale, high-rise projects in Moscow - a three-tower complex on the Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment and a residential hi-rise complex within «Bolshoi City» in the area of the Shelepikhinskaya Embankment. The residential OKO hi-rise was recognized by the international development community as the best Russian real estate development project in 2016 and received the prestigious FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award.

Today, Capital Group performs and executes all stages of the life of the project; from initial site analysis and market research to the full commissioning into operation of the building, as well as interior decoration and facility management.

Capex Management Company has been under the direction of Capital Group since 1998. In addition to managing the completed projects of Capital Group, Capex actively contributes to the development of new projects, enabling their highest efficiency in finding and utilizing the best engineering and technical solutions in each and every project.

Capital Group also includes Capital Group Design, a division responsible for all apects of interior design. Moreover, Capital Group provides a wide range of professional customer services to its clients: sales support for residential real estate, brokerage services and customer support for tenants of commercial real estate.

Over the years, the company has greatly contributed to the development of the architectural look and feel of today’s Moscow, attracting international celebrities to Russian development projects.

Here is a list of some of the leading architectural and designer firms partnering with Capital Group: US based partners NBBJ and SOM. UK-based ARUP (a unique architect and winner of the most prestigious architectural award, the Pritzker Architecture Prize - Zaha Hadid). Its Russian partners include Alexander Skokan (Ostozhenka Bureau), Vladimir Plotkin (Creative Union «Reserve»), Mosproject-2 Workshop #19 headed by Alexander Asadov, Nikolay Lyzlov's Architecture Studio, Sergei Skuratov (Sergei Skuratov Architects) and others.

A reputation as a strong, experienced real estate developer, a highly professional team, a large portfolio of projects, maintaining western standards of quality, implementing innovation in engineering and architecture - these are the factors that enable Capital Group to retain its leadership position in the Moscow real estate market.

Real estate development projects of Capital Group are consistently recognized by the professional and architecture community, and have won a number of Russian and international awards. Among them: The title “Best Elite Residential Complex” from Imperial House Residential Complex (Urban Awards'11).

The Award for deluxe Multifunctional Complexes from “0Legend of Tsvetnoy» (Urban Awards'10) were awarded the title of the Best Elite Multifunctional Complex City of Capitals was named among the 10 best skyscrapers around the globe by Emporis Skyscraper Award'10; and also named the Best Multifunctional Complex at the CRE Awards 2010 The Rechnoy Shopping and Entertainment Center was named the Best Shopping Center at the CRE Awards 2011.

Multifunctional Complexes Tricolor, Legend of Tsvetnoy and Yachts City were celebrated for being among the most outstanding projects in Moscow over the past 10 years at the latest Architectural Moscow. Comprehensive Approach 2010 Exhibition.

In 2014, the company’s new development project, LITSA Architectural Project, was recognized as the most innovative project by the jury of the Urban Awards. In 2013, Capital Group was named the «Real Estate Developer of the Year» at the Urban Awards, and «Developer of the Decade» at the annual CRE Awards (ImpressMedia Publishing). In 2012, Capital Group was named the «Top Developer of Russia» by the international Euromoney Publishing and «Developer of the Year» by the Russia-based ImpressMedia Publishing (CRE Awards 2012). In 2010, the company was listed among the 10 largest real estate developers in Russia by Forbes and RBC. In 2009, Capital Group was named «Best Real Estate Developer in Russia» by Euromoney Publishing and «Real Estate Developer of the Year» by Kompaniya Magazine).