А101 Group

А101 Group

The A101 group of real estate investment and development companies has been the leader providing services in the Russian real estate market for 25 years. A101 is delivering the largest urban development project in Russia, in Novaya Moskva (New Moscow) whose task is to create a fully-fledged urban environment, that takes into account all aspects of human life - economic, social, ecological, cultural and other, on land belonging to A101.

Over the past five years A101 has invested 31,5 billion roubles in construction. About 809 thousand square meters has been put into operation and 5,000 jobs were created.

According to the rating of the Unified register of developers (URD), in June 2017 A101 took 2nd place in the list of top developers for current construction in Moscow with a volume of current housing construction 534 769 sq. meters. A101 also takes 15th place in the all-Russian top 100. According to the results of the URD survey, A101 tops the May rating of the top Moscow developers in monolithic brick house building.

Over the last 5 years A101 has invested 2.5 billion roubles in the development of social infrastructure, which created more than 40,000 sq. meters of social infrastructure facilities of schools and kindergartens, of which 3 kindergartens of 585 places and 2 schools of 1975 pupils were built.