"KROST" concern was founded in 1991, and it is the largest investment and construction industrial holding in Russia, which implements large-scale full-cycle projects of district construction of the full cycle and also manufactures innovative building materials. The company includes a construction and industrial complex, the development office for commercial and residential real estate, its own architectural bureau and a network of beauty salons.

Over 26 years, KROST concern has reconstructed and built more than 800 objects, including residential buildings, schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, sports and recreation complexes, temples and industrial facilities. The company's portfolio includes more than a dozen large-scale renovation projects for districts in Moscow, New Moscow and Moscow region with a total area of ​​more than 4.5 million square meters.

Setting trends in modern Russian urban planning, KROST collaborates with famous architects and world leading architectural offices: Zaha Hadid Architects (UK), Rem Koolhaas (Netherlands), Evan K Marshall (Great Britain), Konstantina Cusack (Great Britain), Dante O. Benini (Italy), Andrea Desimone (Italy), Paul De Vroom (Netherlands) and others.

KROST has a unique experience in renovating the urban environment in Moscow. In Wellton Park (75th block) and Union Park (82nd block) of the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki district, the company renovates an area of ​​about 80 hectares. KROST has already resettled residents of 44 derelict five-story buildings - this is more than 9 thousand people. Thanks to the renovation, the courtyard areas increased to 80%, and the areas of parks, sports and educational institutions increased by more than 100%. The roads within districts expand from 3.5m to 6-15 meters.

The industrial complex of KROST includes 15 plants and research laboratories in Moscow and Moscow region, which are engaged in the development of innovative solutions and the production of high-tech building materials.

In 2000, the company founded an innovative industrial center in the Skhodnya area of ​​Khimki on the territory of 29.3 hectares and an industrial complex in the Voronezh region with a total area of ​​10.4 hectares. Every day the company produces 3 thousand cubic meters of concrete, 400 square meters of window profiles, 840 cubic meters of paving slabs, 750 cubic meters of reinforced concrete and 100 square meters of fiber-reinforced concrete elements. 25% of the products are supplied to the construction projects of KROST Concern, and 75% - to developers from Moscow and regions.

The company registered 66 patents, including utility models, inventions and industrial designs.

The structure of the KROST concern includes the Else Club premium-class wellness club and the exclusive Else Style beauty salon network, which has three branches located in the Union Park residential area and Nevsky.