TSPA (Thomas Stellmach Planning and Architecture) is a start-up based in Berlin, Germany. Emerged from Uberbau architecture & urbanism in 2014, we have an extensive portfolio of projects reflecting our experience in strategic planning, urban development and design. Our in-house team is comprised of young, talented urban planners, architects, geographers, GIS experts and urban management experts.

We are urbanists at heart. We thrive on working in different global contexts and scales, with projects ranging from regional development to neighbourhood transformation across Europe, Asia and Africa. Our global experience has informed and tested our expertise, giving us a holistic and complex understanding of what it takes to implement successful projects.

All our projects share a set of key values for holistic sustainable development: coexistence and inclusion, economically sound development and environmentally-friendly design.

With its main office in Berlin, TSPA has established partnerships and local presence in Beirut and Moscow and operates in four world regions: CIS, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa and Western Europe. Additionally, Thomas Stellmach is a consultant with UN-Habitat in Nairobi and cooperates closely with the urban planning lab of UN-Habitat.

TSPA’s mentality is firmly grounded on feasible possibilities and the expertise to do things better. We do hold a particular stance on urban development that stands out from the rest: that good design and cost-effectiveness are not competing, but complementary objectives.