26 March 2019 #Forum
Quality of Life. Projects for a Better City

In 2019, Moscow Urban Forum, the world’s largest international congress dedicated to urban development, will take place in Zaryadye Park, from 4 to 7 July. The main topic will be "Quality of Life: Projects for a Better City".

Denis Boykov, Director General of the Forum: "This year, the Forum is dedicated to projects which improve the quality of urban life. Moscow has made increasing the living standards a key priority in its urban development. The city has been consistently implementing a wide range of ambitious projects in the housing and transport sectors as well as creating public spaces and developing the urban environment. To name a few, there are such projects as renovation of housing fund, transport megaprojects, "My District" programme. These initiatives will have a significant impact on urban life as they transform the living environment for millions of city dwellers and help them discover new areas for development".

As part of the Forum’s business programme, conference participants will discuss the contemporary notion of quality of life: how to make it the first priority of urban development projects and programmes, how to create a compact and functional urban environment, and how to involve citizens and businesses into the implementation of city-changing projects.

Some topics for discussion within the business programme: housing, infrastructure, urban planning and architecture, transport, health, urban environment, well-balanced growth, technologies and services, ecology and sustainability.

Moreover, the first ever Urban Health International congress will be a part of the Moscow Urban Forum. This special congress will bring government officials, businessmen, experts, and the professional community together to discuss urban health issues.

As per tradition, there will be an exhibition of urban development projects and a massive urban Festival, an open educational and recreational programme for citizens.

Supported by the Moscow government, the Forum has been held every year since 2011 to reunite city administration, architects, urban planners, developers, heads of financial corporations, investors, technology start-ups, journalists and the people of Moscow.