28 March 2019 #Forum
The Urban Health International Congress will be held for the first time within MUF

For the first time, the Urban Health International Congress will be held as part of the Moscow Urban Forum. This special congress will bring government officials, businessmen, experts and the professional community together to discuss issues related to urban health.

Topics include:

• Citizen health as a reference point for urban development

• City planning as a tool for disease prevention

• The impact of climate on citizen health and longevity

• Cities battling epidemics and chronic illnesses

• The mental health of citizens

and many others.

A special guest at the congress will be Dr. Mazda Adli, a renowned psychiatrist and Director of the Fliedner Klinik Berlin. He will participate in the discussions on the psychological comfort and well-being of people living in megacities. The first Russian edition of his 2017 book, Stress and the City, is set to be released in the run-up to the congress.    Dr. Adli believes that life in a large city brings with it a host of anxieties, yet people can turn this around to achieve personal growth.

Since 2013, Dr. Mazda Adli is the chief physician at the Fliedner Klinik Berlin, a centre for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine. The main focus of Dr. Adli's research and practice is the study and treatment of affective disorders. He pays special attention to methods of fighting cases of depression when therapy isn't helpful, and bipolar disorders. Another area of his work is studying the factors that can modulate one's individual susceptibility to stress. His goal is to develop effective strategies for preventing diseases caused by stress.

In 2008, he founded a chain of mental health hospitals in Berlin, which combines the academic and non-academic sectors into the Berlin Research Network on Depression. In 2009, Dr. Adli helped to launch the annual World Health Summit at Berlin's Charité University Hospital. He serves as the Executive Secretary of the Summit.   The World Health Summit is held under the high patronage of the German Chancellor and French President, and brings together leading industry experts, top researchers and research executives, NGOs and government representatives.