18 April 2019 #Forum
Moscow Urban FEST announces opening of submissions for Theatre of Muscovites
MoscowUrban FEST announced the admissions to the Theatre of Muscovites where participants will be able to both create their own plays and be the actors. The lab work will culminate in a theatrical performance scheduled for 6–7 July in Zaryadye Park, during the Festival of the Moscow Urban Forum. The key to participation in the lab work is your desire to write up a play or hit the stage as an actor. According to the project curators, people in different lines of work that have nothing to do with theatre may feel like trying it. The Theatre of Muscovites will offer them a practical insight into the essentials of creating a theatre project. The lab work will be split into two stages: playwriting and performance rehearsals. Applications from aspiring playwrights are accepted for the first stage. Curators will select 12 of the applicants to write six plays in pairs under Evgeny Kazachkov, a playwright and screenwriter. Before you apply, though, please check out the lab's timetable and make sure you have got what it takes to work on such a tight schedule. Classes will meet in Kamergersky Pereulok in downtown Moscow. Applications for the drama lab will be considered until 1 May. The project team will contact the winners before 5 May. The end of May will see the opening of submissions for the second stage of the project. Only non-professional actors are eligible. They will end up acting in plays created over the course of the drama lab work. Participation is free. Director of the annual festival MoscowUrban FEST, Arina Drobina: 'For the very first time during the world's largest urban Festival, we will stage a play by the Theatre of Muscovites—this is a unique project where no participants will have professional training. Anyone interested can apply to the drama lab until 1 May, and the acting lab from 24 May until 10 June. With the help of a team of professionals, we will stage several plays.' The MoscowUrban FEST will be held at Zaryadye on 4–7 July 2019. This year's theme is City/Attention/Umwelt. This year will let Moscow residents discover the umwelts of Moscow, another side of the city, and fall in love with it more deeply. The concept of umwelt means that the world we see and perceive as our only reality is absolutely individual and is a result of us adapting our senses to specific goals and tasks.