16 May 2019
The Startup Village conference will include the track of the Moscow Urban Planning Forum "Another tech in the wall
The largest start-up conference in Russia and the CIS for technology entrepreneurs will be held from the 29th to the 31st of May at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. Startup Village is a unique venue, where startup founders and innovators meet successful entrepreneurs, investors, large technology corporations, scientists, futurologists and government officials to discuss technological trends and ideas, and to give rise to a new generation of Russian entrepreneurs. This is an international event, with participants from over 80 countries each year. The topic of Startup Village 2019 will be "Digital Rock Stars. Dark Side of the Tech". For two days, the stars of the technological industry will take part in the conference and share their unique experience.

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One of the tracks of the business programme of Startup Village, "Another tech in the wall", will be held in cooperation with the Moscow Urban Forum. The track will deal with a growing segment of the technological development market, Urban Tech: the sector of innovative services and platforms to improve the quality of the urban environment, make cities more liveable, and ensure sustainable urban development. 

'The track "Another tech in the wall" will be the start of a discussion on the development of modern megacities, which will continue at the Moscow Urban Forum 2019 "The Quality of Life. Projects for a Better City", - said Denis Boykov, the General Director of the Moscow Urban Forum (MUF). 

On the 29th of May, at the opening of the stage of the Moscow Urban Forum, the Head of the Urban Planning Policy Department of Moscow, Sergey Levkin, will make a speech. "Housing, transport, public services: all these sectors have been transformed by technology. These changes, in their turn, have changed the lives of urban residents, making them more comfortable and pleasant. I propose to discuss the impact of innovations on several areas of urban development”, - said Mr. Levkin. 

The speakers of “Another tech in the wall” on the 29th and the 30th of May include: owner of Delimobil and vice-president of the Micro Capital Group, Mukhit Seidakhmetov, General Director of the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, David Lee, General Director of the BMW Group Russia, Stefan Teuchert, and others. 

On the first day, the stage of the MUF will host an open interview “Do more with less. How startups help to make the solution of urban issues more cost-effective”. Robinson Hernandez, head of The Urban Tech Hub in New York, will participate in the event. Hernandez works on the integration of startups in the urban services ecosystem. He will share with the startups his ideas on which niches today allow to make money from solving urban issues, how the market will develop in the future, and how to build a constructive dialogue with the city administration. 

During the debates of the first day, the speakers will also discuss "How technologies change the real estate market". Participants include the Director for Development of the Skolkovo Foundation, Mikhail Tykuchinsky, the Deputy General Director of KROST, Andrey Sazonov, the General Director of OTEK JSC and Rosatom, Ksenia Sukhotina, and others. 

On the second day of the track, the participants will discuss the transport ecosystem of the future. Participants include the General Director of YouDrive, Boris Golikov, the head of Bolt in Russia, Ekaterina Khan, the Executive Director of Delisamokat, Ekaterina Nefedecheva. The issue of “how entrepreneurs can work with the city and the city infrastructure” will be discussed with the director of the Andorra Innovation Hub, Marc Pons, as well as the transition of megacities to the Open Data policy and “how entrepreneurs can work with urban open data” with Andrey Dorozhny, data journalist and data visualisation expert. 

More detailed information is available on the conference website.