6 июля. Shchusev. 13:45 - 14:45

Future belongs to communities. Why is it beneficial to invest into developing communities?

Every megacity is complex system of cultural and social links that form urban and professional communities. They serve as a unique resource for developing megacities and advancing their intellectual potential. For that potential to grow steadily, it is essential to learn how to create, sustain and develop communities and to build a bridge between communities, businesses and city administrations. ● What are communities? What types of communities are there? ● What role do communities play in a professional and urban environment? How to they contribute to megacity’s potential? ● How can communities maintain a fruitful dialogue with city authorities and businesses and make it beneficial for both parties? ● What is the role of a city in promoting communities?


Viktor Vakhshtayn
Head, Center for Sociological Research of RANEPA


Vladimir Filippov
Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Culture
Fedor Skuratov
Head, Russian Community Management Association
Elena Zelentsova
Vice-President, Skolkovo Foundation, Director of Urban Development
Aydar Metshin
Mayor of Nizhnekamsk
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