6 июля. Shchusev. 14:45 - 16:00

Spatial philosophy of technological corporations

What should the place where the innovative future of the country in the field of IT technologies is formed look like? Such a building should highlight the need for continuous improvement, be the epicenter of a company's competencies, harmoniously link the architecture and the environment of a technological cluster into a single ensemble, and create an environment that enables continuous progression forward. ● What other tasks and goals are set by the architects working on such innovative projects? ● How to balance a constructive-functional component and to reflect in the project innovative architectural solutions? ● How can a project in the field of IT technologies become a landmark in the architectural history of a metropolis?


Aleksandr Ostrogorskiy
Teacher, Moscow Architecture School MARCH


Christos Passas
Design Director, Zaha Hadid Architects
Aleksey Bogdanov
Managing partner, S.A. Ricci
Amir Idiatulin
CEO, IND architects
Nikolay Kazanskiy
Managing Partner, Colliers International Russia
Dmitriy Bulychkov
Project Director, Center for Technological Innovations of Sberbank
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