6 июля. Shchusev. 18:15 - 19:00

Media Art and Urban environment. Local specification

Recently, new media bordering between art and design have spread across the urban space. Migration path between commercial multimedia design and media art produces ambiguous consequences for media community-building. Why is it generally essential to create a media art and design community? What is its mission? ● Local specifics of media art and media design communities in Moscow. Digital technologies as a consolidating force in community-building. ● Specifics of interaction between media art and a city. Local and international experience. Cultural programming possibilities in public space as a result of new media. ● Development outlook of an urban media art culture. Public and private assistance. Successful cases.


Anna Titovets
Co-founder and curator of the festival Plums Fest, curator of the festival "Polytech", guest curator Ars Electronica-2015, artist


Thorsten Bauer
Jan Kalnberzin
Curator, Curiosity Media Lab, artist
Aleksey Shulgin
Artist, teacher of the Rodchenko School, curator of the gallery "Electromuseum"
Sergei Kasich
Curator,, artist
Ivan Nephedkin
Founder of Radugadesign
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