7 июля. Shchusev. 15:15 - 16:00

Cyber threats. How can a smart city stay sane

Smart city technologies, aimed to make megacities more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable, at the same time pose a threat to the information security of cities. As a result, the issue of ensuring cyber security in cities with actively-integrated IT solutions is no longer a potential risk, but an everyday challenge facing city administrations. ● What technological outposts do cities need? ● What solutions and means of protection are being developed by states and global corporations?


Vitaliy Nedelskiy
President, The National Association of Industrial Internet Market Participants


Alex Vorontsov
Leading expert on information security
Martin Tom-Petersen
CEO, Smart City Catalyst
Andrey Dukhvalov
Director for Advanced Development of Kaspersky Lab
Aleksandr Gorbat'ko
Deputy head
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