6 июля. Shchusev. 15:00 - 16:00

Ready, steady sport! Stake on jogging megapolis

Group jogging, yoga, morning and evening group exercises are among the new habits of a person living in a megacity. Today sports penetrates both online and offline space. Exercising is not just a way to improve your well-being, but a platform to find likeminded people, clients and partners. The recent trend consists in creating new training centers that unite active citizens in a community and resolve social issues at the same time ● Why is it important to create and develop sports communities? ● What urban social issues can be addressed through sports communities? ● How to ensure a long-term sustainable development of sport communities? What can a city do to promote it? ● Sports as a marketing campaign or a way to engage citizens in the urban life? ● How do sports events change the city image?


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