7 июля. Shchusev. 14:00 - 14:45

From markets to restaurants. Private initiative transforming the food industry

Over the past 5 years, flourishing food markets and private initiative pursued by food enthusiasts have transformed the gastronomic industry that now offers a variety of privately-owned cafés, restaurants and markets to satisfy the most exquisite taste. Large chains and market stakeholders had no other choice but to give place to young ambitious projects. ● What are the key projects determining the development of gastronomic community? ● How do the food markets, that have recently transformed Russia’s gastronomic industry, maintain their popularity and a community of loyal customers? ● How do global eco-friendly trends change the business principles of the Russian gastronomic community?


Alena Ermakova
Founder, Stay Hungry


Olga Kukoba
Creative Director, Danilovsky market
Daria Lisichenko
Founder, Gorod Sad, Head, Ecomarket
Anna Tsfasman
Founder, CEO, Double B Coffee and Tea
Anastasia Kolesnikova
Founder, Local Food Festival
Anna Bichevskaya
Founder, Stay Hungry
Mikhail Semenov
Founder Qbik company
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