7 июля. Shchusev. 13:00 - 13:45

Good local. How local communities transform urban environment

Creation of neighborhood centers is an urgent megacity objective. An increasing numbers of activists try to promote good neighborly relations. What urban issues do neighborhood centers tackle? What is their role in promoting citizen’s cultural identity? Why is an offline network of friends and neighbors so important? ● What new opportunities are there for the city to tap into as a result of neighborhood centers and local communities? ● What are the ways for local administrations and neighborhood activists to interact? ● What is the role of local communities in promoting the citizen's cultural identity?


Mikhail Alekseyevskiy
Head of the Center for urban anthropology, KB Strelka


Vladimir Vainer
Coordinator, Cities of the Future
Maria Fadeeva
Team Member, Shabolovka cluster, professor, MARS School, journalist
Anna Chin-Go-ping
Marketing Partner, Rose Group (V LESU microcity)
Pyotr Ivanov
Master of Sociology, professor, MSSES
Julia Baldina
Project coordinator, Belyaevo forever
Victoria Kondrashova
Head of the business unit RDI.Creative
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