17 Июля Cerda 15:15 - 16:15  | Innovation, Creativity

In Commemoration of Futurism. Russian Tradition and Modern Architecture

Futurism is not just an artistic sensibility; first and foremost, it is a way of thinking. Futurists declared a cult of the future and set out to create new and unusual forms, and with this, a new type of society conjoined by shared labor. Soviet Russia adopted futurist ideas with enthusiasm. The projects of Russian avant-garde architects such as El Lisitsky, Ivan Leonidov, Yakov Chernikhov, and many others had a defining influence on architecture all over the world. Many international architects pay homage to Russian futurist designs and develop their notions of interaction between architecture and social 4.

  • What is Russian Futurism so influential?
  • What was its impact on the revolution and the emergence of a new country?
  • How did it affect the culture and architecture of the 20th century in Russia and around the world?
  • Have the ideas of Futurism been exhausted and is it necessary to rethink them?


Alexandr Ostrogorsky
Lecturer, MARCH Architecture School


Sergei Sitar
Theory and History module leader, MARCH Architecture School
Vladimir Paperny
Architectural Critic