17 Июля Haussmann 12:45 - 13:45  | Enviroment

Constructing Comfort.A Convenient Megapolis

The most evident change seen in Moscow in recent years is the appearance of a more active public life. Citizens of the capital spend more time in parks and public gardens and can choose from a wide range of events and festivals taking place both during the day and in the evening. This has largely become possible thanks to efforts aimed at modernizing the city’s environment, including the construction of well-equipped public spaces, comfortable pavements, green areas and decorative lighting. Moscow now finds itself in the same league as leading global megapolises and has been recognized internationally: the street renovation programme "Moya Ulitsa" (My Street) was shortlisted for the European Prize for Urban Public Space, and the new Zaryadye Park made the list of finalists for the MIPIM Awards.

  • What is Moscow’s response to its citizens’ increasing demand for a comfortable and developed urban environment?
  • How does Moscow compare with other megacities in basic quality indexes for environment and communal infrastructure?
  • How can the development of urban infrastructure drive the growth of the city?
  • What are the possible short-term trajectories for the development of the urban environment?


Sergei Sivaev
Director, Center for Urban Studies, Skolkovo


Federico Cugurullo
Assistant Professor, Trinity College, Dublin
Petr Biryukov
Moscow Deputy Mayor for housing and communal services and improvement
Diane Galbe
Senior Executive Vice President, SUEZ
Natalia Markevich
Curator of the Light Design course, MARCH Architecture School
Ilya Mochalov
CEO, "Ilya Mochalov and Partners"
Rob Van de Velde
Former Antwerpen Vice-Mayor of Urban Planning