17 Июля Le Corbusier 14:15 - 15:45  | Investments

Quality as a Response to the Crisis. Developer Conference

Construction and development are critical sectors for every megacity. With the pressure of rapid growth and urgent demand for renovation of housing, infrastructure and the urban environment, Moscow is heavily influenced by the challenges in the construction sector. Some of the key factors shaping the market are the launch of a new large-scale renovation program, a complicated economic situation, the repeal of the law on shared construction, and rising demand from customers for quality real estate.

  • What is the current state of Moscow’s real estate market? What are the prospects for growth?
  • What changes have there been among the top companies?
  • What effect will new projects and new regulations have on the market?
  • What do developers expect from the federal and the Moscow authorities?
  • Which instruments and solutions will make construction safer and more efficient?


Leonid Kazinets
Chairman of the Board, Barkley Corporation


Sergei Levkin
Head of the Department of Urban Development Policy of Moscow
Thomas Stellmach
Founder, Thomas Stellmach Planning and Architecture (TSPA)
Sergey Kalinin
President, Chairman of the Board, Hals-Development
Oleg Mamaev
President, "Leader Invest"
Sergei Kachura
CEO, "A101"
Sergey Ambartsyumyan
CEO, GC "Monarch"
Boris Azarenko
CEO, Vesper
Tatiana Tikhonova
CEO, RG-Development
Andrey Malygin
Managing Director, "Mosinzhinvest" LLC
Alexey Dobashin
CEO, Krost
Fyodor Sapronov
Vice President, GC "INGRAD"
Tamerlan Kurkiev
Deputy Head, "Moscow State Expertise"
Markus Appenzeller
Director and Partner, MLA+