July 4. Moscow Hall. 17:15 - 18:15

Panel discussion

From a communal flat to a penthouse apartment. Russian housing culture

Perceptions of housing in Russia changed along with the economic and political situation, leaving its mark on culture. Revolutionary and pre-war years were the time of compression, constructivist experiments, communal living. Khrushchev's Thaw, in addition to, or in conjunction with the general uplifting atmosphere was marked by a large-scale project to resettle people in compact, but their own, private apartments. The post-Soviet man began to reach his dream of fairytale castles, houses with turrets, beautiful and, in his opinion, western-like life.

  • How has the perception of housing and living environment changed in Russia?
  • What kind of culture did the daily life of residents form over the past hundred years?
  • How does Russia define ideal housing today? What do residents expect from housing?
  • What social and cultural characteristics determine the ideal housing concept?


Tatyana Tolstaya


Ilya Utekhin
Professor, dean, Department of Anthropology, EU SPb
Grigory Revzin
Partner, Strelka KB
Dmitri Gutov
Russian artist and art theorist


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