July 5. Moscow Hall. 16:00 - 17:00

Talk Show

Future street. A walk with an urbanist, futurist and mobility expert

For decades, cities around the world have turned streets into roads - expanding the roads, parking, limiting space and pedestrian rights. The street is not just a road, but a place where we spend time, walk, talk.
But the transformation is not over. Technology is changing the balance between transport and pedestrians. Driverless cars, uber, maas systems, micro-mobility services promise to change the structure of street use again. We don't know what the current transformation will lead to. But it is absolutely certain that the street will become an arena where the future will be most noticeable.

  • How is the city street changing?
  • What will transport be like and what role will it play?
  • How will technology change the way people interact with each other and with machines?
  • What completed projects in the world can give us a glimpse of the street of the future?


Mikhail Khomich
Deputy Chairman of the Udmurt Republic Government


Vicente Guallart
Research supervisor, Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design, Higher School of Economics
Greg Lindsay
Senior fellow, NewCities, Canada
Kent Larson
Director, City Science, MIT


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