July 5. Neglinka Hall. 11:45 - 13:00

Panel discussion

Mobility as a product. What kind of innovations will passengers of Moscow Central Diameters have access to?

Moscow Central Diameters is a new type of transport, which will connect suburban areas with the urban public transport system. Unlike suburban trains, the MCD trains will not be tied to the train stations, they will pass through the city and make stops throughout the route. The MCD stops will be integrated with the underground and MCR stations. Launching a new type of transport is essentially the same as creating a new product. In order for a new service to be in demand, it must respond to a wide variety of customer requests. The launch of the MCD means creating a whole class of new products: new types of tickets, applications, navigation, which will determine how users will accept the new transport and how popular it will be.

  • How do we launch a new type of transport and make it popular?
  • What "software" solutions will ensure integration of MCD and urban transport?
  • What new services and solutions will become available to passengers?


Tina Kandelaki
General producer, Match TV


Maksim Liksutov
Head of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development
Artemy Lebedev
Fonder, CEO, Art. Lebedev Studio
Dmitry Snesar
Head of Client coverage – Senior Vice President, VTB Bank
Chua Chong Kheng
Deputy Chief Executive, Land Transport Authority
Oleg Toni
Deputy Managing Director, Russian Railways
Andrei Panov
Deputy chief executive for the strategy and marketing functions, Aeroflot


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