July 5. Pahra Hall. 13:00 - 14:00

Foresight session

Disruptive mobility. Foresight of transport technologies

It seems that the world has frozen in anticipation of a major transformation of transport systems. There is a number of technologies and ideas on the agenda, each of which can change our perception of mobility in the city. Electrification and driverless transport are a matter of the coming years. Carsharing is changing the paradigm of transport ownership right in front of our eyes. The advent of 5G networks creates new opportunities to regulate traffic in real time.

  • What technologies will have the greatest impact on the mobility of the future?
  • What opportunities will the 5G standard create for mobility?
  • How do we regulate autonomous transport?


Francois-Joseph Van Audenhove
Partner, Arthur D. Little, Belgium


Oliver Lah
Research Unit Lead, Wuppertal Institute
Assaf Biderman
Founder, CEO, Superpedestrian
Mukhit Seidakhmetov
СЕO, Delimobil, Delisamokat, Anytime
Greg Lindsay
Senior fellow, NewCities, Canada
Ralf-Peter Schäfer
Vice-President, Traffic and Travel Information Product Unit, ‎TomTom
Artur Shakhbazayan
Deputy head, Center of road traffic organization (Moscow)
Alexander Lewald
Еxecutive advisor, Kapsch


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