July 4. Yauza Hall. 15:45 - 16:30

Book discussion

Four walls and a roof. The complex nature of a simple profession

The profession of an architect is very simple - all you need is to design four walls and a roof. This aphorism became the title of Dutch architecture studio partner Reinier de Graaf's book. However, he immediately specified that architecture is a world of compromise between city officials, investors and consultants who determine how the city looks to the same extent as architects. As part of the presentation, the author of Four Walls and a Roof discusses the current state of the architectural profession, and how a simple profession is incorporated into the intricate world of global economic and political processes and how these processes ultimately determine its significance.


Xenia Adjoubei
Architect, director, AdjoubeiScottWhitbyStudio — Russia


Reinier de Graaf
Partner, ОМА ― Office for Metropolitan Architecture
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