July 4. Setun Hall. 17:00 - 18:00

Business dialogue

Eating out. The evolution of urban food culture

Food culture in major cities is changing rapidly. The life of residents is so saturated that grocery shopping and cooking fell out of the daily list of things to do. The rise of the delivery system played a role — every month more than three million Muscovites make orders through aggregators like Yandex.Food and Delivery Club. Residents are used to the fact that in 30 minutes food can be delivered anywhere in the city. Cafes and restaurants, in turn, become primarily a place for communication. Restaurants and food malls are not only about delicious food, but they also provide a unique experience for residents. The popularity of the Danilovsky market, Depot and other similar projects is explained by the fact that they unite different cultural traditions and create new urban communities.

  • Will ready-made meals and delivery replace cooking at home for the residents?
  • How has the culture of urban food changed in recent years? What do residents expect from modern cafes and restaurants?
  • How to develop a culture of eating out, attracting different groups of people and popularizing the industry?
  • How can we make sure that the new food culture stimulates healthy eating?


Aleksandr Sysoev
Founder, Russian restaurant Festival, co-founder, Russian Wine Awards


Dmitriy Stepanov
Director New Product Development, Yandex
Daria Lisichenko
Founder, Gorod-Sad
Vladimir Farafonov
Head of the project, VkusVill
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