July 5. Klyazma Hall. 15:50 - 16:35

Panel discussion

New city centers. Development of public spaces in the megacity

What makes space public? Parks, embankments, shopping malls all attract people and create traffic, but that's not enough. Modern public spaces must be accessible and inclusive, they become a platform for recreation, they form communities and improve communication between people. Spaces are assembled like a puzzle - based on the expectations of people, the history of the place, new functions, emphasizing the features of local culture, stimulating the development of neighbourhoods and becoming a safe space for residents. It is important not only to create comfortable and attractive areas but also to plan how they can be used. One of the most striking examples in Russia is the VDNKh exhibition complex, where reconstruction will soon be completed. Lectures and festivals are held in the park and there are cafes, museums and sports grounds.

  • How do we design a comfortable public space? What kind of tools do we need?
  • How do we consider historical and functional features of the territories when planning public spaces?
  • What educational, cultural and sports projects are modern residents interested in?


Sonia Elterman
Editor-in-Chief, Strelka Magazine


Alexandros Washburn
The former Сhief Urban Designer of NYC, the principal of Draw Brooklyn LLC
Gil Penalosa
Founder & Chair 8 80 Cities; Ambassador World Urban Parks
Vitaliy Emmanuilov
Deputy General Director, VDNH
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