July 5. Klyazma Hall. 13:20 - 14:20

Panel discussion

Energy of comfort. How to ensure energy security of the city

The most important factor in the comfort of the urban environment and the key to the stability of modern metropolises is to ensure its energy security. This concept includes not only the maintenance of failsafe operation of the power system at all stages, from generating and transporting energy to its use by direct consumers, but also the environmental factor of energy, as well as the available reserve capacity to ensure the stable economic development of the city.
  • What experience can form the basis for assessing the reliability of urban energy systems?
  • How can a metropolis be provided with eco-friendly energy, avoiding shortfalls in energy supply to consumers and creating capacity reserves?
  • What methods are used to manage risks in this industry?


Mikhail Tykuchinskiy
Director of Development, Energy Efficiency Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation


Andreas Trisko
Head, Department for Urban Development and Planning, Vienna City Administration 
Shawn Rosenmoss
Manager, SF Carbon Fund, Development and Community Partnerships, Senior Environmental Specialist
Petr Biryukov
Moscow Deputy Mayor for housing and communal services and improvement
Evgeny Gasho
Chairman, Commission on Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development of the Public Chamber of Moscow

First row experts

Valery Seleznev
First Deputy Сhairman of State Duma committee on energetics
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