July 4. Setun Hall. 15:45 - 16:45

Panel discussion

Development reserve. Redevelopment of industrial zones as a way to a compact city

Urban industrial zones have a huge potential for redevelopment and growth. In Moscow alone they occupy 17% of the urban area. The low density of the built environment and road networks allows creating a modern multifunctional environment with residential and commercial real estate, business and social facilities. But the approach to the redevelopment of each zone should be differentiated and determined by its location and potential. The industrial zone areas are developed not only as residential and office buildings, but also as innovative, creative and sports clusters.

  • How can the system of transferring industrial zones for redevelopment be simplified? How can the city and developers be in dialogue about the development of industrial zones? Is there a need for a federal programme regulating the redevelopment of industrial zones in Moscow and the regions?
  • How can industrial zones be turned into alternative urban centres? What functions should they have?
  • How can a balanced transport and pedestrian accessibility of the renovated areas be ensured?
  • Should the production function be maintained in redevelopment projects or should it be moved outside the city?


Alexei Muratov
Partner, Strelka KB


Mark Williams
Director of LDA Design
Anastasia Pyatova
Head, Moskomstroyinvest
Mikhail Khvesko
Executive Director, Capital Group
Pierre de Meuron
Partner, Herzog & de Meuron
Pavel Poselyonov
President, INGRAD, Moscow City Duma member
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