July 5. Yauza Hall. 11:45 - 12:30

International dialogue

City as an area for innovation. How should the technological ecosystem develop?

City development and the quality of life of residents directly depend on creating and actively integrating modern technologies and services. Many cities are working to create special conditions for technological research and entrepreneurship. Such conditions can be new funds, grants, platforms, which together form an ecosystem of support for projects at different levels. Moscow actively invests in its ecosystem and creates communication platforms, media resources, research and small business support systems. One of the recent initiatives was the opening of an innovative cluster — a platform designed to optimize the communication between startups, the state and investors and capable to significantly improve the environment for innovative business in the city.

  • What is the ecosystem of technological projects? How can the city support them?
  • What technologies are in demand in the city and affect the quality of life of residents?
  • What is the role of innovative platforms in the development of the city? How can entrepreneurs participate in the development of such platforms?


Alexey Gusev
Director for Innovation Ecosystem Development


Liora Shechter
CIO & Smart City Director, Tel Aviv
Alexei Khokhlov
Vice-president, Russian Academy of Sciences
Tatiana Redko
Deputy CEO, Renault Russia
Alexey Parabuchev
CEO, Moscow Agency of Innovations

First row experts

Alexandr Hanin
Director General and founder, VisionLabs
Mikhail Fonarev
Director, "Moscow Endocrine Plant"
Tatiana Redko
Deputy CEO, Renault Russia
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