July 5. Setun Hall. 15:30 - 16:30

Panel discussion

Creative redevelopment. Creative industries as a factor of urban transformation

Creative industries attract the youngest and highly educated part of the population and serve as drivers for the development of urban economy and territories. Creative clusters have been rising in Moscow for a long time now, mostly instead of old industrial zones. Today, the city pays more and more attention to the development of a creative economy and is looking for ways to institutionalize support for companies in the creative industries.

  • What are the expectations of creative entrepreneurs and companies from urban infrastructure and urban policy?
  • What models of financial support for creative industries exist in the world and what practices are there in Russia?
  • Creative clusters, technology parks and media hubs — how does the creative economy relate to urban space?


Evgeniya Murinets
Director, Urban Policy Institute


Anton Belov
Director, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Lutz Leichsenring
Executive Director, Berlin Clubcommission
Syb Groeneveld
Executive director, Creative Industries Fund (Netherlands)
Alexei Fursin
Head, Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovations
Ekaterina Cherkes-zade
Head, Universal University
Vitaly Bykov
Sofia Trotsenko
Founder, Center for contemporary art "Winzavod"
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