July 5. Setun Hall. 16:45 - 17:45

Panel discussion

Hyperlocality as a new trend. How do services change the life of neighbourhoods?

Saturation and quality of life in neighbourhoods depend on many factors: recognising the need to develop commercial and public planning functions, the availability of green areas, and local business activity. Many problems and demands of the residents are gradually being solved by developers and the city, but it takes time. It does not always take a lot of resources and city supervision to solve a local problem. Often the problem can be solved by the residents themselves: with the support of the community and entrepreneurs, they can initiate and implement independent decisions that will spread to other neighborhoods.

  • How are the neighbourhoods developing? Who determines the quality of life in neighborhoods?
  • What is the role of entrepreneurs in the development of neighbourhoods? What are communities forming around?
  • How can the development of small business and grass-roots initiatives be stimulated in the neighbourhoods?


Nikita Kim
Managing partner, Inc


Andrei Burdin
Founder, Chisto-Chisto (Чисто-Чисто)
Vadim Izotov
Vice president, Head, Special electronic products division, VTB Bank
Ekaterina Khaletskaya
Co-founder, CEO, Impact Hub Moscow
Andrei Sazonov
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