July 5. Yauza Hall. 13:10 - 13:40

Mutual Interview

Museum to the city. Culture as a tool for urban regeneration

The opening of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in its time changed Gorky Park. It was Garage that brought Gorky Park back the status of the main public space in Moscow. Modern museums are often seen as a tool to regenerate urban areas and territories. The opening of a museum attracts a new audience, returns prestige to the district or even the entire city, helps local communities organize themselves. Often the opening of a museum resurrects and creates new content for the empty or even ruined objects. Thus, thanks to Garage the ruins of the Soviet restaurant Seasons were reconstructed in Gorky Park.

  • What role do museums and cultural spaces play in urban development?
  • What does the opening of a new cultural space give local communities?
  • What is the role of contemporary art museums in working with architectural heritage?


Anton Belov
Director, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Asif Khan
Founder, Asif Khan Ltd.
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