July 5. Yauza Hall. 14:55 - 15:55

Book discussion

An open city. How does urban life affect our psychological comfort?

Quality of life is defined today through a wide range of indicators, including psychological comfort: self-perception, satisfaction with what's happening, a sense of control over one's own life. Mazda Adli is a professional psychiatrist and director of a well-known Berlin clinic which works with the psychological suitability of cities for living. For the 2019 Forum, the Moscow Urban Forum published a Russian version of his acclaimed book Stress and the City. Why Cities Make us Ill. During the book presentation Dr. Adli will talk about the main arguments of his work and have a Q&A session.
  • How do environmental factors influence the level of stress experienced by residents?
  • Is stress necessary in the city and should we try to avoid it?
  • How do we consider factors influencing the psychological comfort when designing cities?


Maria Privalova
Head, Nekrasov Library


Mazda Adli
Chair Fliedner Klinik Berlin, psychiatrist, stress researcher
Mazda Adli
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