July 4. Urban Health Hall. 15:45 - 16:45


My Health Center. Moscow Health Center standard in action

In 2016, the Moscow Health Department approved methodological recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency of metropolitan medical organizations. This document is based on common requirements for accessibility and quality of medical services — all residents must be satisfied with the level of assistance provided. Medical organizations of the city received additional equipment for this purpose, professional development for physicians, specialized doctors, nurses were launched, and a unique Unified Medical Information and Analytical System (EMIAS) designed to replace a paper file cabinet was integrated. The very structure of health centres is gradually changing today, including largely due to digital technologies. In 2019, the second phase of integrating new standards of medical care was launched and will last several years. In addition to regulations, the Department of Health uses additional reward systems to improve the quality of service for visitors of metropolitan health centres: medical institutions can receive grants to pay bonuses to medical personnel.

  • How can the quality of medical services be improved and maintained in urban health centres?
  • What is the world experience in improving the quality of health centre services?
  • How can digital technology affect health facilities?


Bernath Oliver
Partner, Health Consulting Strategy&, PwC


Sanna Vesikansa
Deputy Mayor for Social Services and Health Care
Dmitry Petrukhin
Founder and CEO, DocDoc
Sergei Kim
Professor, International Medical Center of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Andrey Asadov
Director General, architect bureau Asadov
Sergey Boytsov
General director, National medical research center of cardiology
Anastasia Rakova
Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development
Oksana Drapkina
Director, National Medical Research Center for Preventive Medicine
Natalya Pochinok
Rector, Russian State Social University
Oleg Salagay
Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation

First row experts

Andrei Tyazhelnikov
Head Doctor, Consultative and Diagnostic polyclinic #121


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