July 4. Urban Health Hall. 17:15 - 18:15


Stress test. How the urban environment influences the psychological state of residents

The city is always controversial: it provides residents with opportunities every day and at the same time challenges them. This model also applies to the field of urban mental health: to be successful, residents are ready to accept the high pace of urban life and constant psychological pressure. However, only as long as they have the opportunity to rehabilitate. The subject of mental health has become more critical in recent decades. Medical professionals battling mental illnesses, opening research centers and hospitals of a new type are trying to find the answer.

  • How does the urban environment influence the psychological state of residents?
  • How can mental disorders be prevented among urban residents?
  • How can we teach residents to deal with depression


Alexandr Ostrogorsky
Architectural journalist, lecturer at MARCH architecture school


Mazda Adli
Chair Fliedner Klinik Berlin, psychiatrist, stress researcher
Colin Ellard
Cognitive neuroscientist, director of Urban Realities Laboratory
Mazda Adli
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