July 4. Neglinka Hall. 17:30 - 18:30

Round table

Scope of responsibility. What kind of chief architect is needed for Russian cities to develop?

Within the context of new national goals to create a comfortable urban environment, it is the chief architects who need to form horizontal communication of influence in the management hierarchy and be in charge of the comfortable environment on the whole, while making the position more universal and integrated. Who is better for the job - an architect, an urban planner or a city manager? Or perhaps an anthropologist or an economist?

  • What is the area of responsibilities and limits in decision making of a chief architect of a city?
  • What position should the chief architect have in the city hierarchy, his or her chain of command and motivation?
  • What personal and professional qualities should a chief architect have? What are the key KPI of his work?


Petr Kudryavtsev
Partner, Citymakers


Maksim Egorov
Deputy Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector
Sergey Kuznetsov
Chief Architect of Moscow
Ilsur Metshin
Mayor of Kazan
Vicente Guallart
Research supervisor, Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design, Higher School of Economics
Tatyana Prokofyeva
Chief Architect of Kazan (2009-2019)
Andrei Erenkov
Head architect Voronezh Oblast
Artem Gerasimenko
Project Director, Architects.rf (Архитекторы.рф), Strelka Institute
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