July 5. Yauza Hall. 16:00 - 17:00

Panel discussion

From Paris to New York. How do smart cities develop?

Metropolises today have become centers of technological development, at the same time they are the main consumers of new technological solutions. The creation of the needed environment for the implementation of innovative projects that could be characterized as a special technological ecosystem involves many institutions: universities, foundations, corporations. Paris and New York are among the world's most active technopolises, a lot of companies from all over the world are moving there.
  • Why do cities demand new technologies?
  • How do cities manage to attract entrepreneurs and high-tech startups?
  • How to identify a place for new technologies in existing urban infrastructures?


Andres Sevtsuk
Associate Professor, Urban Planning, Harvard Graduate School of Design


Sonam Velani
Senior Advisor for Housing and Economic Development, New York City Mayor's Office
Carlos Moreno
Mayor of Paris’ special envoy for Smart Cities
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