Yoshinori Namiki

Yoshinori Namiki

Director of Guidance, Urban Development Projects Division, Bureau of Urban Development
Yoshinori Namiki is an expert in urban development and city planning, director of project division for guidance and urban development, Bureau of Urban Development, in Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Since joining the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1997, Mr. Namiki has been working on infrastructure (roads, rivers, water, sewage) management, construction, research & development and planning. Mr. Namiki led “The Urban Development Vision for Tokyo” in 2009 and “Master Plan for City Planning Areas” in 2014. In 2008, Mr. Namiki introduced a tree-planting promotion scheme and mechanism of leading environmental performance through large-scale urban development; a first for any city in Japan. In 2015, Mr. Namiki compiled the “City View Tokyo” which presents the comprehensible urban development of Tokyo. In the end of the last fiscal year, Mr. Namiki introduced a new compulsory program in the various urban development schemes which promotes a heating and electricity network in a district of Tokyo. For the past 3 years, Mr. Namiki engaged in a project to establish a new “Grand Design for Urban Development” which targets the 2040’s. Currently, Mr. Namiki has been in charge of guiding private sector’s development projects in Tokyo. Mr. Namiki has been undertaking the task of framing the urban policy which looks ahead to the future considering the depopulation and aging society of Japan.

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