Adriana Friedmann

Adriana Friedmann

Creator and Coordinator, NEPSID

Adriana is creator and coordinator of NEPSID - Nucleus of Studies and Research in Symbolism, Childhood and Development in Brazil and Creator and leader of Brazilian Childhood Map.

Adriana is known as specialist, university lecturer, researcher, activist, national and international consultant of NGOs, foundations, secretaries, schools, etc. in childhood topics, research with children, play and art spaces and expressive languages for the last forty years. 

Adriana is author of several books and articles, among them: "Listening and watching children: inspiring processes for educators", "Child protagonism", "Who is listening", "Children's languages and cultures", "History of Sociology and the Anthropology of Childhood", "The Anthropological Look Inside Childhood", "The Child's Development Through Play" and "The Art of Playing".

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