Alexandr Zaytsev

Alexandr Zaytsev

Managing Director, Maison Dellos

Under the management of Zaytsev, the company achieved great success and moved to a new, international level with opening of the Turandot restaurant, Cafe Pushkin confectionary, and the launch of the catering service Dellos Catering, which encompasses gastronomical and stylistic trends of A. Dellos's restaurants at outdoor events, including Economic forums in St. Petersburg and Davos. Furthermore, two confectionaries and Cafe Pushkin were opened in Paris and the Betony restaurant in New York was awarded a Michelin star.

Alexander Zaytsev was a pioneer in developing a unique training methodology for service staff. He also personally participated in global-scale projects, as Maison Dellos holding was the catering organizer for the Sochi 2014 Olympics and the official catering partner of the global exhibition Milan Expo. In 2015, Alexander was given a government award - the medal of the Order ‘For Merit to the Fatherland’ of the second degree.

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