Alexei Emelyanov

Alexei Emelyanov

Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow

In 2015, Alexei was appointed Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow.

From 2006–2007, Alexei contributed to the implementation of Russia's first urban automated information systems: the City Register of Immovable Cultural Heritage, and the Historical and Cultural Support Plan of the City of Moscow.

From 2009–2011, he initiated the development and approval of the boundaries of more than 1,500 cultural heritage sites in the established manner, which for the first time ever formalised the territory of all cultural heritage sites located within Moscow city boundaries.

Since 2011, Alexei Yemelyanov has served as the Chairman of the working group of the Commission under the Government of Moscow to review issues of urban development activities within places of interest and the protected zones of cultural heritage sites. During his work on the Commission, decisions have been made to include 95 new cultural heritage objects in the Register of Immovable Cultural Heritage; preserve 196 buildings that were planned for demolition, which plays an important role in preserving the historical appearance of Moscow, and also approve 41 land use drafts and city planning regulations.

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