Alexei Ivanov

Alexei Ivanov

Director, Institute of Law and Development, Higher School of Economics - Skolkovo

Alexey Ivanov leads the Skolkovo-HSE Institute for Law and Development ( in its academic and strategic pursuits. Ivanov has guided the HSE-Skolkovo joint venture since its

inception, directs the Institute's research and progress, and engages the findings of the Institute at the forefront of leading domestic Russian and international legal and policy arenas.

In 2012 - 2017, Ivanov has served as Director of the Department for Legal Policy and Social Development at the Skolkovo Foundation. Alexey, since 2008, has taught the course on Antitrust in the New Economy as part of the educational program mandated by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia at the HSE Law Faculty. This course addresses the key challenges for development of competition law and policy in the context of dramatic technological and economic transformations of the modern capitalism.

Ivanov graduated with a Master’s Degree in Law from Harvard University in 2011, and he earned his first Masters from the Russian Presidential School of Private Law in 2004. Ivanov is a graduate of the Faculty of History and Political Science of the Russian State University for the Humanities (2002).

From 2003 to 2005 Alexey worked as a clerk in the Federation Council of Russia, where he was responsible for the organization of the work of the Committee on Legal and Judicial Affairs. As an Assistant to the Chairman of the newly established Ninth Appeal Court (City of Moscow) Alexey was involved in a wide range of activities relating to the formation of a new court. From 2005 to 2008 Alexey worked as general counsel at large Russian industrial entities in the metallurgy and energy spheres. Ivanov also researches at the Centre for Law, Economics and Society at University College London, with particular contribution to their Social Media Unit. He is a co-founder of the boutique law firm Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners.

The most recent HSE-Skolkovo Institute’s projects include adaptation of intellectual property regime and antitrust regulations to the new digital economy, legal aspects of blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, as well as problematics of legal regulations of biotech developments. The Institute is a key player in development of the BRICS Research Center for Competition Law and Policy.