Daria Alekseeva

Daria Alekseeva

Founder, Charity Shop

Charity Shop, founded by Daria Alekseeva, organises the collection, sorting and distribution of unwanted clothes in Moscow. People can place the clothes into special containers located at 22 collecting points, including three Charity Shop stores, shopping malls, company offices or other public places. The company provides clothing to visitors of social service centres in small communities of 10 regions of the Russian Federation outside of Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as funds under wardship and charitable organisations working in Moscow with large families, homeless people, nursing homes and psycho-neurological residential care facilities. People from socially disadvantaged group (former prisoners, homeless people, those suffering from alcohol dependence, single mothers, those who lived in orphanages, people with developmental limitations) sort the clothing. 

Charity Shop sends all the clothing that is unsuitable for further use to be recycled for the production of new materials. In 2015˗2016, more than 50,000 Moscow residents handed over 256 tonnes of unwanted clothing to the Charity Shop, of which 143 tonnes were transferred to needy families in the regions and 20 were recycled.

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