Dmitry Berezutsky

Dmitry Berezutsky

Chairman of the Board, Green Building Association

Dmitry Berezutsky is the founder and chairman of the GreenStroy Association, a pioneer in green construction within Russia. He is an expert with 25 years of experience in the construction industry. 

Dmitry initiated and participated in a number of pilot projects related to "zero" buildings, new materials and technologies. He is a permanent member of Technical Committee 366 "Green Environment Technology and Green Innovative Materials" and Technical Committee 194 "Cyber-physical systems" (Smart Cities) under Rosstandart. Deputy head of the Construction Materials Section of "Construction and Architecture" Technological Platform at NRU MGSU, Honorary Member of the Council for Environmental Construction, a member of working groups on innovation and the environmental development for development institutions in Russia and Moscow. 

Dmitry is a social entrepreneur, organiser and ideological inspirer of numerous scientific, technical, exhibitive and educational projects. He unites participants from different areas to promote the goals of sustainable development, environmental construction, health and the well-being of people. 

The GreenStroy Association is a union of dozens of leading companies, environmentally responsible manufacturers and expert organisations. It fosters broad interactions, promoting the introduction of Green Standards and innovations in the living environment. 

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