Dmitry Ioffe

Dmitry Ioffe

Founder and leader, "Clean Games"

Dmitry spent most of his childhood and youth in Peterhof, graduated from school No. 567. He entered BSTU "VoenMech", graduated in the specialty "Laser Systems".

Dmitry has been an IT professional since 2008. He specialises in telecom, Internet promotion, e-commerce and mobile applications. He has contributed to startups and social projects.

Projects: — sports club and site ratings in St. Petersburg; — mobile project for students and teachers. The mission of the project is to improve communication between students and teachers within the same university and from other universities across the country. Founder of the project;

Clean Games — an environmental game project designed to look at the garbage issue from a new angle and involve people who hadn't given it much thought before or never took environmental thinking seriously.

In addition to these projects, Dmitry participates in the Noon (Polden) gaming social project for orphanages, the Bastille creative group to develop live-action role-playing games, and in the creation of urban literary quests.

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