Elena Sautkina

Elena Sautkina

PhD, Senior Researcher, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

Elena Sautkina is an academic researcher and international expert in Environmental Psychology. Since 1998, her research interests have been situated in the broad areas of: (1) environmental and psychosocial factors of well-being and health, (2) inequalities, crime and incivilities in urban environments, and (3) sustainable development. 

Much of Elena’s work aims at linking research evidence, policy and practice. Her work in evaluation of complex social, health and environmental interventions implemented by the UK government has provided scientific evidence to policy-makers and practitioners in this country and internationally, and has resulted in significant research and policy development spin-offs.

Elena has a strong interest in application of complex systems approaches in research, policy and practice, and has authored several talks and publications on this subject.

Since 2000, she has been an active part of the International Association for People-Environment Studies, acting as its Board member in 2006-2010. 

Prior to joining Cardiff University, she has worked for Paris Descartes University (France), Lisbon University Institute - ISCTE (Portugal), Medical Research Council (UK) and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK). 

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