Elena Tolstaya

Elena Tolstaya

TV Journalist, Presenter of the TV Channel "Moscow 24"

She started her television career in 2007 on Stolitsa as a personality on one of the popular shows – "Quality Department". Two years later, she was invited to join the team of the famous STS Media holding company, where she continued her TV personality career on several projects over the next 3 years. Later she joined NTV, where she was a part of the "Middle Class" analytical talk show. During that period, she started thinking about her own author's project "Maximum Approximation". To make this project a reality she accepted a position at VGTRK holding (The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company), where she currently works as an on-air personality.

Elena Tolstaya has received a number of journalism awards in the field of transport and urban planning, including awards from the Union of Journalists of Moscow "For Interviews on the Implementation of Urban Policy in Moscow." Elena is also a winner of two journalism awards for her documentary work.

She has a PhD in Legal Science and is a certified psychologist in interpersonal communications.