Marco Kamiya

Marco Kamiya

Coordinator, Urban Economy and Finance Branch, UN-Habitat

Marco Kamiya leads global operational and normative work in on urban economy and municipal finance, working with cities he supports financing methodologies related with planning, participatory approaches and infrastructure finance. He is annual lecturer of the MIT Metro Lab on local finance in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Previously, he occupied senior positions at CAF Development Bank of Latin America from Caracas, the Inter-American Development Bank from Washington DC, and with PADECO Co., Ltd in Tokyo.  He studied Economics in Lima and Tokyo, and International Development at Harvard University. 

He has published “Economic Foundations for Sustainable Urbanization” (with Serge Salat, UN-Habitat & Morphology Institute Paris), “Finance for City Leaders handbook” (with Le Yin Zhang, UN-Habitat and University College London), the “Global Urban Competitiveness Report” that appears annually in Chinese and English, in 2017 the main topic is One Belt-One Road Initiative, and in 2018 is on House Prices, Real Estate and Competitiveness.

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