Olga Uskova

Olga Uskova

President, Cognitive Technologies Group

Olga is a well-known successful business woman with 25+ years of experience in IT and AI, president and founder of Cognitive Technologies group of companies. Headed by Olga, Cognitive Technologies has become one of the top international software developers of intelligent systems for autonomous driving and smart-cities technologies. Running business across multiple European countries, the United States and Asia - Olga is also known as one of the top female IT visionaries. She was the one to facilitate the agreement on OCR and ECM solutions between Cognitive Technologies and the world’s top IT-giants such as HP, Canon, Epson, IBM, Oracle and others. 

She is the initiator and a pioneer of unmanned driving technologies in Russia, founder and main stakeholder of the Cognitive Pilot - an AI-based multi-platform autonomous driving system for ground transport and agricultural machinery. In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and one of the biggest truck manufacturers KAMAZ - Olga's team of engineers has developed Russia's first self-driving truck. 

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