Pavel Gnilorybov

Pavel Gnilorybov

Employee, Museum of Moscow
Participates in sessions MUF 2022
16 August 17:00–02:00 Hall

He studied at the Faculty of History of Lomonosov Moscow State University. A historian, writer, the author of six books: "Comprehension of Moscow" (2014), "Russia in the Era of Peter the Great: The Time Traveler's Diaries" (2016), "Moscow in the Era of Reforms" (2017), "Five Centuries of Muscovite Lutherans" (2018), "The Chronicles of Subjugation of the South" (2018), "Moscow is Growing" (2018). The last book has been translated into English. Member of the Council of Free Historical Society. An employee of the Museum of Moscow, the ideologist and curator of the exhibitions of the Gilyarovsky Center, a participant in the creation of the Machine Museum in Tula. He is an active guide, as, over the past few years, he has developed and implemented about 100 walking routes. The editor-in-chief of the Architectural Excesses educational project (22,000 subscribers).

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