Winy Maas

Co-Founding Partner, MVRDV; Founder and Professor, The Why Factory, TU Delft

Winy Maas, architect and urban planner is one the founding principles of MVRDV, an interdisciplinary studio that works at the intersection of architecture and urbanism. Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries, the award-winning Dutch practice was set up over two decades ago and has established an international identity with a wide-variety of building typologies and scales that are self-generated, innovative, experimental and theoretical. Winy advocates denser, greener, more attractive and liveable cities, with an approach to design, regardless of typology or scale reflecting a user-defined, innovative and sustainable consideration for the built environment.

In 2008, Winy founded The Why Factory at TU Delft, a research institute on future cities which he leads as director. Winy sits on numerous international boards and juries. He was recently named Supervisor of Almere Floriade 2022 and Eindhoven City, and has been Supervisor of Barcode Urban Development in Oslo.